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Star Codex From The Future

The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait. In Foreseen St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s 2001 - A Space Odyssey left off. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth.

The Star Codex From The Future

November 11, 2007 –

Ahead of us lies a new reality. In his latest supra-natural thriller, “Foreseen – Beyond Time”, astrologer Michael St.Clair introduces for the first time a true extra-terrestrial message from the future. St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s Space Odyssey left off. Looking back through the eyes of tomorrow, this compelling book gives hope; while delivering mind-altering, precision-guided prophetic visions of a world yet to be.

Once a decade an intriguing, paradigm shifting book emerges. “Foreseen – Beyond Time”, a high impact success and underground bestseller, is a future classic. Extremely useful for generations to come, Foreseen destroys fear-based myths and 2012 deceptions, this visionary work frees mankind one soul at a time.

In the sequel to “Zen of Stars”, St.Clair speaks directly to the soul. This book reveals the art of time travel to be a living technology, creating (in simple terms) the electro-magnetic climate changes popularly described as “global warming”. For St.Clair, the sane future leads to open source, hands on innovations, created and shared by people developing networked solutions, using local resources. It is the power of our imagination that will shift the global mind beyond the grey zone of commerce, and into an existence worth living. St.Clair states: “The human mind is the technology of the future.”

In Foreseen, St.Clair reveals long lost secrets of the Atlantean Knights Templars. Their simplicity and adaptability made them the functional enemy of the alien hierarchy. Written in an entertaining and enlightening way, light-hearted at times, St.Clair makes even dark subjects a spell-binding experience. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth.

Travelling into our future, our many incarnations create a timeless tapestry of life, in which the soul is the weaver, and our incarnations are the threads of the fabric in which we clothe our spirit.

St.Clair connects the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of man, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars. This life-changing book opening new perspectives on the role of extra-terrestrial intelligence, by the world’s leading political astrologer Michael St.Clair, is released by NewMind Technologies.
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About St.Clair

NewMind Technologies is an advanced international consulting practice – advising individuals and groups to enact meaningful solutions to fast approaching social change. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, renowned astrologer and leading world councillor St.Clair studied law and political sciences as a young man, and served as aide-de-camp and intelligence officer to a senior Swiss army general.

Among St.Clair’s noted 1999 predictions were rising oil and gold prices, the falling dollar, collapse of housing markets, the 2000 ballot recount, as well as elections and re-elections of key heads of states. He predicted wars, global land degradation, and ever more powerful hurricanes. St.Clair’s compelling video at Château Chillon – with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot – has been met with increasing awareness. This unique interview – seen by thousands of viewers around the world – has provoked significant interest across the Internet, inspiring many to look beyond The Matrix.

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FORESEEN - Beyond Time

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The sequel to the internationally acclaimed Zen of Stars -- FORESEEN - Beyond Time -- published on the Libra new moon of 2007, is a hyper-dimensional reality, to be used as guidance and navigation tool in the exciting times St.Clair describes in this extra-terrestrial thriller.

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U.N.: "Glorified Tribalism"

Twenty years later,
he was proven right.

J. Krishnamurti's talk to The United Nations
where he was presented - at age 90 - with
the United Nations 1984 Peace medal . . .

"I am supposed to talk on World Peace beyond the 40th anniversary of the United Nations.

Mankind, man, has lived on this earth over fifty thousand years, and perhaps much longer, or for less duration. During all this long evolution man has not found peace on earth - 'pacem in terris' has been preached long before Christianity, by the ancient Hindus and the Buddhists.

And during all this time man has lived in conflict, not only conflict with his neighbour but with people of his own community, with his own society, with his own family, he has fought, struggled against man for the last five thousand years, and perhaps more. Historically there have been wars practically every year. And we are still at war.

I believe there are forty wars going on at the present time. And the religious hierarchy, not only the Catholics but the other groups have talked about 'pacem in terris', peace on earth, goodwill among men. It has never come about - to have peace on earth. And they have talked about peace when you die and go to heaven and you have peace there.

One wonders, if one is at all serious, why man kills another human being - in the name of god, in the name of peace, in the name of some ideology, or for his country - whatever that may mean - or for the king and the queen, and all the rest of that business. Probably we all know this: that man has never lived on this earth, which is being slowly destroyed, and why man cannot live at peace with another human being.

Why there are separate nations, which is after all a glorified tribalism. And religions, whether it be Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism, they are also at war with each other. Nations are at war, groups are at war, ideologies, whether it is the Russian, or the American, or any other category of ideologies, they are all at war with each other, conflict.

And after living on this earth for so many centuries, why is it man cannot live peacefully on this marvellous earth? This question has been asked over and over again. An organization like this has been formed round that. What is the future of this particular organization? After the 40th year what lies beyond?

Time is a strange factor in life. Time is very important for all of us. And the future is, what is present. The future is now, because the present, which is also the past, modifying itself now, becomes the future. This has been the cycle of time, the path of time. And now, not beyond 40 years of this organization, but now, at the present time if there is no radical change, fundamental mutation, the future is, what is now. And that has been historically proved, and we can prove it in our daily lives.

So the question really is: whether human beings, you and us, sitting on the platform - I am sorry to be sitting up here - are human beings? And as long as we with each other, or with man and woman, are in perpetual conflict there will be no peace on this earth. One may talk about it endlessly. The Roman Catholic hierarchy talks about 'pacem in terris', and they have been also responsible for appalling wars in the past.

A hundred years of war, torture, all kinds of horrible things they have done to man. These are all facts, actualities, not the speaker's wish. And religions, are all facts, actualities, not the speaker's wish. And religions, including Islam, Hindus, Buddhists, and so on, they have had their own kind of war. And the future beyond the 40th anniversary is what is going on now.

One wonders if one realizes that. The present is not only the past, but also contains the future; the past modifying itself constantly through the present and projecting the future. If we don't stop quarrels, struggles, antagonism, hate, now it will be like that tomorrow. And you can stretch out that tomorrow for a thousand years, it will be still tomorrow.

So it behoves us to ask ourselves whether we, as human beings, single or a community, or in a family, whether we can live peacefully with each other? Organizations have not solved this problem. You can reorganize but war still goes on. So organizations, whether it is world organization or a particular kind of organization to bring about peace, such organizations will never succeed because human beings individually, collectively, nationally, are in conflict. Strong nations, like America or Russia, are at war with each other - economically, ideologically, and actually - not bloodshed yet.

So peace cannot possibly exist on this earth if there are nationalities, which, as we said, is glorified tribalism. Nationalities give certain security, man needs security and he invests in nationalism, or in a particular ideology or belief. Beliefs, ideologies and so on, have separated man. And organizations cannot possibly bring about peace between man and man because he believes in something, he believes in certain ideologies, he believes in god and others don't.

I wonder if one has ever considered, religions based on a book - like the Koran or the Bible - become very bigoted, narrow and fundamentalist. And religions like the Hindu and the Buddhist, they have many, many books, all considered sacred, real, straight from god's mouth! They are not so bigoted, they are tolerant, they absorb. So there is this conflict going on: those who rely, put their faith in books, and those who do not put their faith in any book. So conflict between the book and those who accept multiple books. I wonder if one is aware of all this.

And we are asking deeply, if you are serious at all, whether you and I, and those of us who are involved in organizations, can live at peace with each other? Peace requires a great deal of intelligence, not just demonstrations against a particular form of war, against a nuclear or atom bomb and so on. Those are the products of minds, brains that are entrenched in nationalism, in some particular form of belief, ideology, so they are supplying armaments - the powerful ones, whether it be Russia, America, or England or France - armaments to the rest of the world, and they also talk about peace, supplying at the same time armaments.

It is a vast cynical world and cynicism can never tolerate affection, care, love. I think we have lost that quality - quality of compassion. Not analyse what is compassion - it can be analysed very easily. You cannot analyse love, love is not within the limits of the brain, because the brain is the instrument of sensation, it is the centre of all reaction and action, and we try to find peace, love, within this limited area. Which means, thought is not love because thought is based on experience, which is limited, and on knowledge, which is always limited, whether now or in the future.

So knowledge is always limited. And having knowledge, which is contained in the brain as memory, from that memory springs thought. This can be observed very simply and easily if one examines oneself, if one looks at one's own activity of thought, experience, knowledge. You don't have to read any book, or become a specialist to understand

So thought is always limited, whether it is now or in the future. And we try to solve all our problems, both technological, religious, and personal, through the activity of thought. Surely thought is not love, love is not sensation or pleasure, it is not the result of desire? It is something entirely different. To come upon that love, which is compassion, which has its own intelligence, one has to understand oneself, what we are - not through analysts, but understanding our own sorrows, our own pleasures, our own beliefs.

You know wherever you go, all over the world, mankind, human beings, suffer, for various reasons, it might be petty or some very, very deep incident which has caused pain, sorrow. And every human being on this earth goes through that on a minor scale or a tremendous incident, as death. And sorrow is shared by all mankind, it is not your sorrow or mine, it is mankind's sorrow, mankind's anxiety, pain, loneliness, despair, aggressiveness. So you, and we, are the rest of humanity, we are not separate human beings psychologically.

You may be a woman, or a man, you may be tall, dark, short and so on, but inwardly, psychologically, which is far more important, we are the rest of mankind. You are the rest of mankind, and so if you kill another, if you are in conflict with another, you are destroying yourself. You can observe this very, very carefully if you look at yourself without any distortion.

So there can only be peace when mankind, when you and I, have no conflict in ourselves. And you might say, "If one achieves, or comes to an end of all conflict within oneself, how will it affect the rest of mankind?" This is a very, very old question. This has been put thousands of years before Christ, if he ever existed. And we have to ask whether in ourselves sorrow, pain and anxiety, and all that, can ever end?

If one applies, looks, observes, with great attention, as you look with considerable attention when you are combing your hair, or shaving, with that quality of attention, heightened, you can observe yourself - all the nuances, subtleties. And the mirror is your relationship between human beings, in that mirror you can see yourself exactly as you are. But most of us are frightened to see what we are, and so we gradually develop resistance, guilt, and all the rest of that business. So we never ask for total freedom - not to do what you like, but to be free from choice. Where there are multiple choices there are multiple confusions.

So can we live on this earth, 'pacem in terris', with great understanding of mankind, which is to understand yourself so profoundly, not according to some psychologist, analyst. They too have to be analysed. So we can, without turning to the professionals, as simple laymen we can observe our own idiosyncrasies, tendencies.

Our brain - the speaker is not a specialist about brain matter - our brain has been conditioned to war, to hate, to conflict. It is conditioned through this long period of evolution, whether that brain with its cells, which contain all the memories, whether that brain can free itself from its own conditioning.

You know it is very simple to answer such a question. If you have been going north all the days of your life, as humanity has been going in a particular direction, which is conflict, and somebody comes along and says, "That leads nowhere". He is serious, and perhaps you are serious. Then he says, "Go south, go east, any other direction but that". And when you actually move away from that direction there is a mutation in the very brain cells themselves because you have broken the pattern. And that pattern must be broken now, not forty or a hundred years later.

And can human beings have the vitality, the energy, to transform themselves to civilized human beings, not killing each other?"

After his talk to U.N., Krishnamurti took questions.
The whole following exchange between K. and the U.N. is legendary.

Chairman: May we ask questions?

K: Yes, sir, ask any questions. Delighted!

Chairman: We have time for some questions and Mr Krishnamurti has kindly agreed to answer any questions you may ask. When you ask a question please raise your hand so that the sound will be connected. Thank you.

QUESTION: I am asking a question with regard to wanting a spiritual expression that I feel linked up with. Am I being heard? I don't think so. I feel there is a disconnecting sense that is being communicated to me. I would look forward to a spiritual connection to myself and fellow people in this group that would be an elevating sense. That is what I would look forward to experiencing at this lecture, a more uplifting spiritual sense of oneness, rather than an intellectual expression.

K: First of all, I don't understand the word 'spiritual'. Is it emotional, romantic, ideological, or something vague in the air; or facing actuality, what is going on now, both in ourselves and in the world? Because you are the world, you are not separate from the world. We have created this society, and we are that society. And whatever experiences one has, so-called religious and spiritual, one must doubt those very experiences, one must question, be sceptical. I wonder if you realize that the word 'scepticism', questioning, enquiring, is not advocated in the Christian world. Whereas in Buddhism, and Hinduism, that is one of the essential things, you must question everything, until you discover or come upon that truth, which is not yours, or any others, it is truth.

And this enquiry is not intellectual. Intellect is only a part of the whole human structure. One must look at the world and oneself as an holistic being. And truth is not something to be experienced. If one may point out, who is the experiencer apart from experience? Is not the experiencer part of the experience? Otherwise he wouldn't know what experience he has had. So the experiencer is the experience; the thinker is the thought; the observer, in its psychological sense, is the observed. There is no difference. And where there is difference, separation, there comes conflict. With the end of conflict there is freedom, and only then truth can come into being. All this is not intellectual, for god's sake. This is something that one lives, and finds out.

QUESTION: You laid a great deal of stress on enquiry and scepticism. I wonder if you could tell me if faith plays a role in that too?

K: What is faith? What do you put your faith in? One has faith in some experience, one has faith in some belief, or in a symbol, and so on. Why does one have faith? Is it out of fear, out of uncertainty, out of a sense of insecurity? When you have faith, for instance as a Hindu in some symbol, and you hold on to that faith, or to that symbol, then you are at war with the rest of the world. But to enquire gently, hesitantly, questioning, asking yourself, then out of that comes clarity. And there must be clarity to understand that which is eternal.

QUESTION: At the end you said that we need to break the pattern of conflict between man. My question to you is, do you see that as something of an evolutionary process that inevitably will happen? Or do you see it as something that we all have to work very hard to achieve? And there is an expression that goes something like this: in times of darkness the eye begins to see. And why I am throwing this at you because in a sense it is either going to happen, or it is not going to happen, but how do you see it happening?

K: I don't quite understand your question, sir.

Q: All right. You talk about breaking the pattern, man has a pattern, the brain has a pattern, and that pattern has to be broken in order for there to be peace in the world.

K: Of course.

Q: Now do you see the breaking of that pattern being an active movement, or a natural progression in the evolution of man?

K: Sir, have we evolved at all?

Q: I think we are continuously evolving.

K: So you accept evolution - psychological evolution, we are not talking about biological or technical evolution - psychological evolution. After a million years, of fifty thousand years, have we changed deeply? Aren't we very primitive, barbarous? So I am asking if you will consider whether there is psychological evolution at all? I question it.

Personally, to the speaker, there is no psychological evolution: there is only the ending of sorrow, of pain, anxiety, loneliness, despair and all that. Man has lived with it for a million years. And if we rely on time, which is thought - time and thought go together - if we rely on evolution then another thousand years or more, and we will still be barbarous.

Q: My question is: what would have to happen for there to begin to be psychological evolution as the speaker understands it?

K: What about psychological evolution? I don't quite understand the question.

Q: You have said that you do not think there has been psychological evolution. My question is: what can happen so that there will be, so that there can be, psychological evolution.

K: Madam, I am afraid we haven't understood each other. We have lived on this earth from the historical, as well as ancient enquiry, on this earth for fifty thousand years or more or less. And during that long period of evolution psychologically, inwardly, subjectively, we have remained more or less barbarous - hating each other, killing each other. And time is not going to solve that problem, which is evolution. And is it possible, we are asking, for each human being, who is the rest of the world, whether that psychological movement can stop and see something afresh?

Q: I wanted to ask you the same question phrased in a different way: what should we do in order to effect this resistance towards evolution. I just want to say one more thing. There was a Dr Bohm last month, he said the same thing you are saying in a different way, he is a scientist, he was explaining the same problem. I wonder what do you think we could we do right now in order to effect this?

K: I have got it. What could you do right now? Right? Change completely! - both psychologically and outwardly. First the psychological revolution, not evolution, but revolution, change completely. That is the real action of humankind, not trying to fiddle around on the periphery.

QUESTION: You stated that an important condition for understanding humankind is beginning to understand ourselves clearly. Do you see that within these rooms within the next forty years, at the United Nations, that this understanding of humankind through understanding ourselves will become a part of global decision making?

K: I couldn't answer that question because I don't belong to the organization. Ask the bosses!

Q: I would like to add another note, perhaps a note of greater encouragement in my question. You indicated that organizations may not provide the answer, and you also indicated that the history of humanity would incline you to pessimism about the future or salvation. I think it depends upon the nature of the organizations and whether these are serving the interests of humanity and prepared to evolve, as the UN and many other groups evolve, and as humans evolve, provided we do not kill ourselves off and provided we can connect ourselves by the affection and respect for which our genes are also coded. There is no end to what we might do on or off this planet. And the implication there, which I share, is that we have evolved because we have the capacity for love and co-operation, and that we are not doomed because we manifest hate and fear and greed, and have succumbed in the past to iniquities like that. But by the very existence of the United Nations we have an illustration of man's capacity for growth and shared goals. I think that the present does contain the future and we by acting energetically in the present can affect our future and our survival. Therefore I ask, what is the answer to the question you raised about when one achieves peace within oneself, how will it affect the rest of humanity, given the time limits?

K: What is the question, sir?

Q: The question was: when one achieves peace within oneself how will it affect the rest of humanity without organizational structures?

K: I explained that, forgive me, sir, I explained it. To say, if I change how will it affect mankind, the rest of the world? That is the question, isn't it, sir? Wait a minute, sir.

Q: That is the question.

I think if I may most respectfully point out, that is a wrong question. Change and you will see what happens. This is really a very important thing. We have to put aside all the side issues. Please do realize something tremendous: that you are the rest of mankind psychologically.

You are mankind, whether you live in India, Russia, China or in America, or Europe, you are the rest of mankind, because you suffer, and everyone on this earth suffers in his own way. We share that suffering, it is not my suffering. So when you ask a question: what difference will it make if I or you change, if I may most humbly point out, it is a wrong question. You are avoiding the central issue. And we never seem to face the central issue, the central challenge that demands that we live totally differently, not as Americans, Russians, Indians, or Buddhists or Christians.

I wonder if you have realized Christians have been responsible for killing humans far more than any other religious group. Don't get angry please! Then Islam, the Muslim world, then the Hindus and the Buddhists come much later. So if the so-called Christians, the Catholics included, about eight hundred million people, if they said, "No more wars", you will have peace on this earth. But they won't say that. It is only Buddhism, Hinduism, said, "Don't kill. If you kill" - they believe in reincarnation - you will pay next life. Therefore don't kill, don't kill the least little thing, except what you have to eat, vegetables and so on. But don't kill.'

We as Brahmins weren't brought up that way, not to kill a fly, not to kill animals for your food. But all that is gone. So please we are suggesting that the central issue to stop wars is, you must stop your own antagonisms, your own conflicts, your own misery and suffering.

Why do we choose, apart from physical things - two good materials, clothes, between cars? You choose there because of their function and mileage and so on. But psychologically why do you choose at all? Why is there this choice? There is choice, you can move from one town to another, from one job to another - not in Russia, not in the tyrannical world, in the totalitarian world you are stuck in your place, you are not allowed to move - unless the bosses agree.

And in this country, in a so-called democratic societies, you have a choice to do what you like. And you call that freedom - to fulfil yourself, to become a great success. You have there tremendous choice. Now we are talking about choice in the psychological field. If you see things very clearly there is no choice. It is unfortunate that we don't see things clearly. We don't see clearly that nationalism is one of the causes of war.

We don't clearly see that ideologies breed wars, whether it is the Marxist ideologies, or Lenin, or our own particular form of ideologies. So we choose from one ideology to another, one religion to another, one group to another, and we think we are free. On the contrary, it shows confusion. And when we are confused we act in confusion, therefore multiply confusion, as the politicians are doing - forgive me.

Q: We have a written question here for Mr Krishnamurti. Do you believe in the so-called realized soul?

K: Do you believe in so-called realized souls? I don't know what it means. Just a minute, sir.

QUESTION: I'm sorry right now you are talking from a public forum and once this lecture is over probably you will return to a privacy that probably you cherish greatly. So there is for most human beings in this world a division between public life and private life. Could you comment on this division? Do you feel it leads to conflict, is it necessary?

K: Between public life and private life? Is that the question? Why do you separate this? Why do we separate public life as though something outside, and private life? If one lived correctly, precisely, not intellectually, but holistically, then there is no outward life and private life. Holistically, that is to live as a whole human being, not as a sectarian, not as an individual, not as a petty little mind, brain active in our self interest. Sorry if I am emphatic. Is that finished, sir?

Chairman: There are two more questions.

QUESTION: If you are living peacefully and the tyrant attacks, do you not defend?

K: What will you do then? If you live peacefully and a tyrant or a robber attacks you, what will you do? That is the question. Do you live peacefully for a day or two? Or you live peacefully all your life? If you have lived peacefully for many years then you will do the right thing when you are attacked.

Sirs, the speaker has been at this talking for the last sixty years, and more - all over the world except behind the Iron Curtain, before the war he was all over Europe - and these questions have been put to the speaker for sixty years.

The same pattern is being repeated by the young generation, by a civilization that is recent like America, the same questions, with the same intention, to trap the speaker, or to really understand the speaker, or to understand themselves. And if you have the misfortune or the fortune to have talked for sixty years you will know all the answers and all the questions. There is no difference between question and answer. If you understand the question really deeply the answer is in the question.

Chairman: Mr Robert Miller would like to ask a question.

Well it is not to ask a question, it is to congratulate you for your statement. And to confirm that having lived in this organization for almost forty years and having lived more than sixty years, I have come to the same conclusion as you. We are all being programmed, we are being programmed into a nation, into an ideology, into a religion. And all these are fragmented human beings. It took me forty years to be in this house to be de-programmed from the two or three nationalities imposed on me, each time I got also a gun to shoot at the other direction. And it is here that after having seen the world in its totality and humanity in its totality that I have come to the conclusion that it is more important to be a human being than to be a Jew, or a Catholic or a Frenchman, or a Russian, or a white, or a black.

K: Quite right.

Q: And in my book I will not kill under any reason, or for any nation, or for any religion, or for any ideology. This is the conclusion which is also yours.

K: Is it a conclusion, sir? Or an actuality?

Q: That is my actuality.

K: That's right. Not a conclusion.

Q: I am not arguing about religions but will remind that, 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' is not exactly a Christian precept. On the contrary, Christ thought the peaceful way was to care for your fellow human beings, have compassion and love for one another. But I would like to know how to break this pattern of confrontation among human beings. I am not talking about States because States are formed by human beings and governments too, they are human beings that rule the countries. How can we break this pattern? How is it that mankind has not been able to practise such glowing thoughts as those that Christ wrote to us and were written also by all religions? I would like very much to see if we could find a formula, a solution to break that terrible pattern of confrontation, and hate even between families, as Krishnamurti has pointed out because it is not just war among nations, there is always a confrontation, even among children you see one is with Mama and the other one wants to be there. That pattern, how could we break it?

K: May I answer you question? We are programmed, like computers - we are Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists and so on. As Mr (?) pointed out, we are conditioned. Do we realize, or see actually, actually, not theoretically, or ideologically, but actually see that we are programmed? Or is it just a casual statement? If you are actually programmed do you realize the consequences of being programmed? One of the consequences has been hatred, or war, or separating yourself from others. If one realizes that you are being programmed, pressurized, preached at, and if one really sees that, you abandon it, you don't want a formula for it. The moment you have a formula then you are caught in it. Then you become programmed again because you have your programme and the other fellow gives you another programme. So what is important is to realize the actuality of being programmed, not intellectually, with all your blood, energy.

Chairman: "Because of the time element we will not be able to entertain any more questions. On behalf of the Pacem in Terris Society and the Movement for a Better World, we would like to thank our honoured guest speaker and Brother Fellow and Ambassador Barry who are the Honorary Presidents of the Society, and all of you who came to attend the lecture today.

I have a very simple ceremony before you leave. Mr Krishnamurti was here last year on the 17th April, just about the time we had the Pacem in Terris day. And this year we were very fortunate to have on the twenty second anniversary of the Pacem in Terris, and you have already heard about it.

On behalf of the Pacem in Terris Society at the United Nations, we have the honour of presenting you, Mr Krishnamurti, the World Teacher, with the United Nations 1984 Peace medal."

New York. United Nations 11th April 1985

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Healing the Heritage

Forging the Future


Michael St.Clair

Before you read this "impression" that came to me in Summer 2005 while staring into a lake, please know that I have been called by some "The Obsidian Mirror". By the way, the pictures in this essay lead to certain futuristic links in my hidden books...

Some of you who were guided to this text will take a few minutes to grasp what follows, and some will work through this for a few years, depending on your frame of mind. In any case, many will see many different things in this impression. Whatever you see is what you were meant to see. What you find here I knew as a kid, but it took me 40 years to express it in words that some of my readers could "grasp."

Many worlds and planets have suffered through multiple trauma over eons, and endured unspeakeable trouble, wars and cataclysms; and yet, the past is past, and the trauma is now over. There is no point in remembering and analyzing the trauma as the regressive forces would like us to do. Unless we end it, it will not end, it is that simple. I say it again. It will only end, if and when WE, you and I, END IT. The decision to end it, is yours and mine, and his, and hers.

This begins at a personal level from psycho- and other analysis and goes on all the way to the inter-dimensional levels. There is no point in analyzing and feeding the trauma. We must end what was, and not nurture it by thought - with the result of keeping it going. Therein lies the trap, to keep looking at it over and over again, from Mars, to Maya, to Cathars, to Celts, to Tibet, and more, to the last few wars of the 20th Century... instead of closing the book and burn it. It is over.

We can begin anew, at any moment in time. As for me, I have decided it is now. It is not going to be easy but we can do it. Healing the heritage is a fine idea, and we can do it, and why not do it, but not at the expense of creating what we are here to do. As I once wrote before, the things of least importance have to get out the way of the things of utmost importance.

What I am talking about here is NOT some intellectual thought process type "stuff" and I do NOT wish you to THINK it through. This is REAL, Cosmic, planetary, individual, instant and complete as it is. People like to think a lot, and think it over again, instead of taking action without thought. Well... for now, I invite you to SEE:

a small excerpt from - "The Lord of The Rings"

Galadriel says:

"Here is the mirror of Galadriel.
I have brought you here, so that you may look in it, if you will."

"What shall we look for, and what shall we see?"
asked FRODO...

"Many things I can command the mirror to reveal,"
Galadriel answered...

"And to some I can show what they desire to see.
But The MIRROR will also show things unbidden,
and those are often stranger and more profitable than things
which we wish to behold.
What you will see if you leave the MIRROR free to work,
I cannot tell.

For it shows things that were,
and things that are,
the things that yet may be.
But which it is that he sees,
even the wisest cannot always tell.

Do you wish to look?"

Some of us human beings -- seers shamans and sages among us -- have refined and excellent visions about how this world would best look like and should be, while the beings looking in and the Presence I call "The Force" that works with some of us laughs at us. We keep dreaming and expressing ourselves about wonderful concepts and strategies on how we could improve this world, hoping or wishing that by doing so we will magically create motivation - leading to actions for certain individuals and groups. All this is great, and has been tried before, and ... evidently did not produce the desired result. Why do you think this is so?

We - the few - are starting out on an entirely different approach, aka Action Without Thought, or direct action - in which concepts such as "ascension" or "living without ego" are unhelpful. The change begins only - at least in my opinion - when the old has died. Only then can Healing the Heritage & Forging the Future begin. What I am saying is that for us to become who we are supposed to be, if being is even what is, we have to actually die of our old human self-image, and let go to transmute into what human being as defined as "made in His image" is really about.

This world, planet earth, is full of potential and possibilities. It is the home into which we are sent when we separate from first source for a moment in the illusion of separation. But we are actually not separated. We have invented all sorts of concepts and thought structures which are nothing but ridiculous illusions and excuses for not doing what we are here to do. The fact that this earth has hosted so much conflict in so many thousands of years leads us to assume that nothing can grow here anymore. This assumption is a mistake.

We then assume that - because we seem to know there will be some more conflict - the light will withdraw, when in fact the light is actually getting so immensely bright day by day that it is separating the dark ones away from the light ones. The light I am talking about is cornering the darkness of this world. No weather manipulations, no wars, no domination tricks by the dark ones will trump over what I know as "The Force".

But it is possible that creative dialogue and thinking together can take place even between the oldest rivals of all dimensions and nations and groups, if they die from their selves and create their own newness. The light beings looking in from above or outside are laughing or at least shaking their "heads" when they see human beings suffering. We did not come here to suffer, let alone to remember some vague old suffering. That too is an illusory thought construct. The free will we were given is direct action -- not a choice mission with its opposite anti choice -- it is the freedom of pure action that we are given.

There is "The Force" to which there is no counter-force. It will at times remind us of what we were initially given via creation. This force is all-creative and uses guidance as its messenger built-in to us in order to make itself known to us. Once we get to recognize and make friends with The Force, we can move inside the force and therefore with the force.

Then, and only then do all the concepts, ideas, strategies and visions we carry around become secondary albeit helpful, as the actual (not imagined but actual) action begins. It is at that point that change sets in. When action leads the way. To come to that point of realization first, some of us have to traverse an intense passage, that of "dying" of the old self, and becoming as Cosmic as a planet, a mountain, an ocean, a sea, or a river.

When you follow any river to its source, you will find that it begins with a small drop of water coming out of some cave or glacier on top of some mountain. A tiny drop from somewhere up in the Himalaya will become the Ganges river. A similar drop from a glacier in the Swiss Alps will become lake Geneva and then a stream, the Rhone, ending in the Mediterranean. We - the few - who have grasped this and who have worked with our birth planets are that drop and therefore we become the ocean.

I was told by The Force: "You Be The Mountain!" And the mountain I like to go visit and be with has let me know in its own ways -- via The Force -- that we all (or at least a few of us) are to be like this mountain, or like that river, or that ocean, or planet, with no self, but with the capacity of complete impact to produce action which will induce change.

This form of "death" I witnessed is more devastating than the "physical" death people are scared of, because it will now really lead to a new way of doing things. In other words, to me drama and trauma is no longer my world, so what will my world now be? Short answer: "Living inside The Mirror of Seeing" aka The Mirror of Galadriel. In longer words, it is surely easier to die and go live "in heaven", whereas to leave one`s born life behind and to begin one`s newness in this very life right now - while still alive - is an ongoing process that one will spend one`s new life doing and living, as it will never leave us. It is I trust what Krishnamurti called "The Path."

If it is true that we re-incarnate, and I know we do, then surely we would be super-smart and all-wise by now, since we had died physically. So why is it that so many of us have died in other lives... and we are still here behaving as we did eons ago? This is what I mean. This is why the death in one's own real life is more important than that "other" death many are so scared of.

If the dark and faceless ones are reading this -- and I know they are and I know they understand what all this means -- I can tell them with absolute certainty and conviction that this earth will clean them out, with or without the few of us being here who have willingly died from their old lives. There is no point to fight the game. It is already lost for them. The Force and we the few will not withdraw. All the dark ones can do now is move out of the way, because we will hunt them down by bringing them to light -- without any fear.

We the few are feeling all right about not knowing everything and about no longer having any doubts about what matters, because we have seen The Force in our selves and we are now learning how to work with The Force and how to handle it constructively and for the good of those around us. We know that the "choices" we make are not made from the "mind", they are inherently guided by ourselves with The Force. So, this means the dark and faceless ones can consider us the few as the extended arm of The Force. If I was the dark ones I would be retreating now, having read this.

Some of us have always known since we were very young - but have not as yet really fully applied - our own power. Maybe out of fear, maybe out of sorrow for this world, maybe just so as not to ruffle any feathers, and maybe out of misunderstood "trauma" or for whatever vague but inaccurate reasons. Some preferred to play along, helping out here and there wherever they could. But now, among those powerful ones a few of the advanced ones are waking up to the fact that we are not going to give away this earth, and they are prepared to step up to the plate. This is where the game begins.

Via light beings, guided ETs, and certain human beings, The Force sent down on this earth for eons some "special ones" to elevate humanity to its proper level and to teach mankind how to heal from the "trauma" of being human. Apparently most human beings are not able to access this power from the other world within themselves. Many sages and shamans, teachers and healers, and other helpful ones were sent in over many millenia to "do the job", and yet not much has changed.

Why is that so? The reason this is so is because there has been too much -- if not only -- talk, thinking, dreaming, envisioning, and discussion about the job at hand, or the progress we should make... BUT NO ACTION. The ground rules of all this are now about to change. In other words the old game is over.

A few will receive something from this essay-impression. I cannot speak of the new - of this amazing change in process - in the dying language of the old brain. And so, I use the language of the Seeing Mirror. Only the few who are prepared to step into their own power - via direct action - and move with The Force will be able to make the difference. This difference will be made by applying the power given to us. It means we will see action, which will bring change. And this means change into action without thought.

Wishing you well
May WE BE With The Force...

Peace -- Michael St.Clair

Monday, July 11, 2005

Life In A World Under Siege

Physical Survival
Very soon we have to start thinking about how we will survive in the most essential, basic and down to earth physical ways. The book Zen of Stars treats among other things the topics of structuring the logistics of a home, the resources of your shelter, the growing, and storing of safe food, the back-up of power, energy, and of clean water. The knowledge of experts from Findhorn – in Scotland – presenting the living machine with alternative or renewable energy and water treatment resources is shown. Beyond physical survival is life itself, "spiritual" life, as it were.

Economic Architects Of The Future

Those interested in ecological businesses and integrity banking who are trying to ride the waves of the system must understand that the entire system is about to collapse. Many years of careful investment potentially could be lost overnight. In the light of this fact, a business investment carefully structured to create a better world, will be lost in the general economic and social turmoil. You may feel “safe” in the knowledge that your lifetime’s work is placed with intelligence into a system that badly needs restructuring. However, the hard fact approaching us in the years leading to 2007–2012, and beyond, is such that the economic social collapse will not discriminate between your resources and the resources of multi-national corporations.

In the future there are no businessmen and women; there are “economic artists” and caring architects who co-operate through a network of pooled resources and integrity type venture capital. The future “business world” is the creative and innovative realm of economic artists and innovators who can understand and work with the new template structuring society.

Economic ‘high priests’ and financial gurus will no longer supervise the organisation and structuring of societies’ resources because they will have been sent packing; instead the intelligent utilization of earth and of human resources is a matter of highly precise architectural planning and investment design.

The “Cosmic Architect” is a very ancient and powerful concept. The sacred geometry of economics has not yet found its way to the surface of the modern human mind. With a return to this shamans’ knowledge base, the science of economic management becomes the playground of the artist, the creator, and the initiator. To create and maintain social order, Cosmic Design must be initiated into the geography of the human landscape.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Spiral Octahedron

Essay about St.Clair
by Dr. Rev. Rainbowtide
This is Michael St.Clair’s symbol and logo

Ever since I saw his symbol I was wondering about the meaning. It looks like the Omega with an embedded 5-pointed star at first sight, does it not? There is a lot to say about the (Alpha) and Omega as well as the 5-pointed star depicted in this symbol. However…
An intuitive interpretation

The highly gifted and inspired Michael St.Clair, the Magi, has opened up the ‘Seal of the Cross of Ankh’ and pushes the level of awareness to unprecedented insights!

He manifests it quite visible in his own logo with the star of Magis. In this very respect his insight and teachings gain a whole new dimension, far beyond Astrology and clairvoyance; it is divine revelation! Remembrance from home! I shall elaborate on this below and this explains as well why I had suggested to his webmaster to rename the part of the forum reserved for my insight and inspirational postings into the name of ‘double-tetrahedron’ or ‘octahedron’. The octahedron is the mathematical, geometrical name for 2 tetrahedron sharing the same midpoint of their x, y and z-axis. (Buckminster Fuller showed how strong triangle-based designs are with his geodesics.

Why do I illustrate this symbol

and why would I elaborate on a geometrical sphere?

This is the very core essence and the purpose of our being incarnated here on this planet and it contains the key to re-connect to source and the light from whence we came!

Triangle with point downwards represents the epiphany sparkle (innerchild, root) and the divine female (left point) and the right point as the divine male principle. Called as well the sacred Trinity within. To balance these ‘forces’ into center and forming the stable triangle is our ‘mission’ and ‘contract’. The next step is to form the sphere, the volume and the content in order to evolve this structure into living light and one of the basic tetrahedrons (4 triangles). The 4th point is: Love in action. It brings the living light into a spiraling move and completes one part of the ‘core’.

The second triangle (point upwards) is formed by our 5 senses as human beings and consists of the upper point being our conscious mind and consciousness (the EGO) ruling over the left point, the unconsciousness and the right point the super-consciousness. With growing spiritual awareness we alleviate the drag from different points and bring it into a stable balance within to form the ‘light that we are’ or better known as: I AM THAT I AM; EHYEH ASHER EHYEH!


This is as well part of the understanding to be a ‘lightbeing, lightworker, enlightened Being’ and in the context of awareness shift and ascension process the ‘chrysalis’ from a carbon based being to a crystalline (quartz) being; which can contain and emanate more pure light frequency in its purity and core essence!

It is the singularity that replicates ad infinitum into the Macro as well as into the Micro: thus proving, that we Part of Oneness! No matter how tiny or big your replicate the Star or the triangle within the boundary of the sphere (circle)…. it stays within! And this is so!

I keep this expose rather short this time; however, this topic is so absolutely fascinating that it would fill a whole library with findings and truth.

Back to my starting point and why I believe that St.Clair enlightens one higher Octave of awareness is to be found in his symbol and the thesis about the Cross of Ankh in connection with the The Magen David (shield of David, or as it is more commonly known, the Star of David). The Seal of Ankhnaton and the Star of David.

The Sun of God and the Sacred Merkaba Techniques, all come from the same spiritual lineage and ancient teachings of Jesus, Moses and Ankhnaton. These teachings come from the ancient Egyptian Akashic Records, from Moses, from Ankhnaton and from Rabbi Jesus.

The DNA ancestral memories of one’s ancestors once activated through prayers, meditations, and spiritual techniques and by healing others is the key to the opening of the inner doors to one’s ancestral information. The inner doors of ancestral information can only be fully accessed by individuals who have activated their Sun of God dimensional levels of consciousness, healed others using the Sun of God level spiritual energies and who have also completely balanced the electro-magnetic energies surrounding every action they ever performed and every word they have ever said or written to others in this lifetime.

The inner doors of information are opened using Sun of God energies and once one becomes accustomed to the process, one is able to access the experiences of their ancestors when certain information is needed.

This process enables a fully Enlightened One, who is activating and working each day with the Sun of God energies, to be able to bring forth the ancient techniques, information and knowledge of their ancestors after spending several years in complete seclusion. The Seal of Solomon is actually the royal seal of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ankhnaton.

This ancient seal was designed by Ankhnaton to remind those who opened sealed documents to read the documents with their electro-mental thoughts and magnetic-emotional feelings in equanimity and harmony so that the information written on the documents would be properly communicated to and understood by the person reading the documents.

The Seal of Ankhnaton depicts two separate Great Pyramids interlocked in total harmony.

One of the pyramids is the “male” electro-mental portion of one’s Light Body which rests above, or below, the “female” magnetic-emotional portion of one’s Light Body depending on whether one is in a male or female physical body. Males use a logical oriented approach in problem solving and have the electro-mental pyramid on top.

Females approach problems intuitively and “feel” their way through problems by having the magnetic-emotional pyramid on top. Each pyramid is half of an Octahedron. The seal of Ankhnaton, by showing us 2 Half Octahedrons, or Pyramids of spiritual energies is giving us a picture of who we really are.

We cannot be just a physical body, for our bodies are temporary, or temporal, and they quickly die in 100 years or less. We are not just our physical body’s brain because we have “dreams” and “travels” at night which we cannot explain with our brain. In essence, our physical body is a “virtual reality machine” run by our 3rd dimensional Light Body. Our Light Bodies are comprised of units of consciousness which are used for many things, including the recording of experiences from “our” physical body. The bottom line is that who we are consists of pure Light. We are electro-magnetic energies of pure Light who are experiencing life at one of the deepest depths of Creation. The balance of one’s mental and emotional energies while performing action became the motto of the Hebrews, Israelites and Egyptians who followed the One God. Ankhnaton is known in the Bible as Moses, thus, the Seal of Ankhnaton became the Seal of Solomon which in turn became the Star of David.

The pineal gland of our brain is the connection between our physical body and our Light Body. One’s Light Body or Body of Light is also called one’s spiritual energy fields of consciousness. One “who has ears that hear” is able to use spiritual techniques, prayers and Light Body activations to consciously “communicate” with the Electro-Mental and Magnetic-Emotional sections of their own Light Body and with the Light Bodies of others.
Read the complete article -- Spiral Octahedron

Saturday, June 11, 2005

City of Gold

My goal:
- 2012 -
It is my intention to work together with visionaries to create a sane alternative to the forces I have outlined in my predictions. Only if we live the changes will they happen. Within that truth lies my dreams and my ambitions for the magical digital City of Gold.

Astronaut Ed Mitchell
whom I interviewed for this purpose,
wrote in his book - The Way Of The Explorer:

"We will not discover our future; we will create it."

The City of Gold creates a safe haven for people. It is composed of several Esoteric Magical study centers concerned with the ethics of a newly emerging world in Cosmic Light.

I have created a space - - for people from all over the world to share their vision of peace, without any emphasis on a particular set of religious values. I establish a place of learning that benefits people of all ages. My space functions as a unit of peaceful co-operation. Anyone who is interested is welcome to make use of the resources. This is not a religious but a spiritual undertaking. All activities associated with my magi's teaching are based on an awareness of and a respect for the earth.

My Symposium Reteat & Astrology/Cosmology Center offers the opportunity for a personal consultation and the chance for those who are interested to develop an understanding of the skills of a star magi. Apart from individual consultations, participants are taught how to understand planetary forces. In one to one and in group sessions I show how each of us can empower ourselves to meet circumstances rather than to be helpless victims of circumstances. In this way the stars become a living dynamic in the lives of the participants, and not the hidden rulers. It will become clear that each of us has a powerful relationship with Cosmos that can teach us peace, joy and stability. We are the key to changing the future.

My Think Tank concerns itself with coordinating peace projects worldwide. I stepped in because my predictions were accurate and I had to make certain those who wished peace could carve out a space based on Divine Law to live in peace. My center for global comprehension is crossing all social and cultural barriers with a vision to establish a lasting co-operation between people of all ages and all beliefs. It is a Peace Center which serves as foundation for discussions and lectures by experts within the Sciences, Arts, Cosmology, Healing, Economics, Native Cultures and all forms of cross cultural sharing of wisdom and knowing.

I see a connecting network of like-minded centers around the world - functioning under Ecclesiastic Law above human rules and codes of laws - that produce synergies and create peace and understanding. A Center for NEW Communication Technologies will result in the development of self-administration skills, of marketing and public relations skills, and the establishing of independent public and private communication services.

My Psychic Recall Center is here to teach participants how to use natural psychic skills in all areas of every day life. Psychic Recall skills can be used to great effect while sailing, diving, learning survival skills, healing, as well as in the study of Astrology. This Inner Seeing is to be developed as a tool to connect with the inner mind. In this way, participants learn how to see beyond the patterns in order to resolve and to change them.

A core group of Seers will find new technologies better suited to develop a clean and peaceful world. A Sailing & Survival School, with careful emphasis on navigation by the stars will be created. A Survival School will teach people of all ages how to connect with and live off the resources near at hand. Basic survival skills will be taught together with an awareness that the earth is a living being who provides us with everything we need, and who should receive our thanks as part of a sacred relationship.

I see the City of Gold as a sacred place of Light, where people can heal and receive peace of heart as an antidote to the troubled times we are living through. The center will be placed so that the earth energies are balanced, bringing a special resonance into the physical and mental being, merging body, mind and soul. This concentration of peace, which is silence, will be the bridge of Light to a new way of living. Krishnamurti who is famous for his work Truth Is A PathLess Land & Freedom From The Known once said - not far from my retreat here - in Saanen Gstaad: "Truth is always new, never the known." Look at the links on this blog and contact me when you feel ready.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Conseil Mondial

Michael St.Clair
Astrologue Suisse mondain de pointe
par Maja Jurt, ex WeltWoche

"Nouveau visionnaire et astrologue de pointe du XXIe siècle, St.Clair vient de publier un nouvel ouvrage intitulé Passage To Peace, livre rendu public sur internet uniquement. St.Clair sensibilise d’emblée le lecteur au développement du temps. Il ne s’adresse pas à la réflexion linéaire, car il voit avec les yeux du temps et du pouvoir stratégique.

Conseil en affaires connu

Son site - - est régulièrement visité par les médias du monde entier depuis 2002, car ses prédictions (finance, politique) aussi précises que révolutionnaires, fondées sur l’enseignement astrologique de pointe qu’il a développé à partir des visions – formulées, consignées et datées devant témoin - ont pu facilement être vérifiées.

Track record mondial

C’est ainsi qu’il a annoncé en 1999 dans une publication le recompte des bulletins de vote en Floride et l’élection de Bush validée par la Cour Suprême, l’élection d’Ariel Sharon, la réélection de Jacques Chirac, de Gerhard Schröder et de Bush. Ses dépêches hebdomadaires, hausse du prix or et fluctuations Euro/Dollar, ainsi que son émission de radio - les raisons du "9/11" - de même que ses articles et commentaires sur « » l’ont fait connaître dans le monde entier, surtout après sa prédiction sur le sujet Moyen Orient et la réélection de Bush. A ce point, St.Clair est le conseil-astrologue de pointe. Il a également prévu la libération de Michael Jackson lors du passage de Uranus sur sa lune natale. St.Clair conseille des avocats.

Astrologie de précision en Suisse

Né en Suisse, à Zurich, où il a étudié le droit et les sciences politiques, St.Clair a été également officier de renseignements et assistant d’un brigadier. Intéressé par l’astrologie, il décida d’approfondir ce domaine et se mit à l’étudier. Voici vingt ans qu’il pratique sa connaissance, dans le domaine astro-financier, d’une part à travers ses conseils, ses classes pour clients, et ses services sur internet, d’autre part, par les contacts qu’il entretient aussi bien avec des scientifiques réputés qu’avec des chamans qu’il fréquente personnellement. Il est un architecte du temps.

Conseils et prédictions pour 2006/2007

Les services de renseignements mondiaux lisent ses livres pour savoir ce que St.Clair voit en 2006, 2007 et 2012. Sa vision est donc suivie sur son site et des clients du monde entier prennent conseil chez St.Clair qui habite - et pratique son astrologie de précision - en Suisse, à Montreux. Il formule des plans simples et des rapports confidentiels pour ses clients en trois langues. Voici ce que ses clients et lecteurs ont écrits..

Monday, April 11, 2005

« Le Passage A La Paix »

Michael St.Clair
par Maja Jurt (Ex WeltWoche Zurich)

Montreux, Suisse - Depuis 1999, St.Clair prévoit entre autres choses l’implosion du système, la fin de l’ONU, l’assassinat d’Ariel Sharon, la réélection de Bush mais la déconfiture des Etats-Unis, des changements considérables de climat capables de mettre en danger les ressources indispensables à l’humanité, et les grands tremblements de terre en 2007.

Nouveau visionnaire du XXIe siècle, St. Clair vient de publier un nouvel ouvrage intitulé Closer To The Stars. Son dernier livre, superbe et introduit ci-dessous, « Le Passage A La Paix » vient de sortir sur le site voisin. St.Clair sensibilise d’emblée le lecteur au développement du temps. Il ne s’adresse pas à la réflexion linéaire. Il voit a travers les yeux du chaman-magicien.

S’inspirant de la subtilité chamanique, il nous entraîne à voir le monde comme un cycle, notre propre existence faisant partie de ce cycle. Il ouvre à ses lecteurs une nouvelle voie fondée sur les souvenirs psychiques et dans laquelle l’énergie libérée s’épanouit dans les cycles des étoiles et des planètes. St.Clair ouvre la vue sur une nouvelle dimension. Il connait notre avenir, car il lui a rendu visite...

Activités professionnelles
1992 – 2005 Écrivain et conseiller astrologique, Palm Beach, Floride: écriture de trois livres sur des sujets politiques, historiques et économiques (Passage to Peace, Icons of Destiny ainsi que Atlantis Oracle) sous mon nom de plume Michael St.Clair. Auteur de trois sites sur Internet (, de même que Emissions de radio et contributions journalistiques notamment Passage11 pour Clear Channel (WBZT) et Rumor Mill News, site de presse d’information alternative. Astrologue mondain de pointe avec une clientèle internationale.
1990 – 1992 Account executive, Banque ABN-AMRO, Genève et Londres: trust officer et dirigent des entreprises de clients particuliers, avec gestion de fortunes offshore et conseils juridiques spécalisés. Coordination des affaires d’un client particulier à Genève, Londres, Paris et Miami.1986 – 1990 Directeur de mon agence de relations publiques Hug von Flüe Associates à Zurich: conseiller de Brooke Shields et United Artists.1984 – 1986 Partenaire de Peter J. Hargitay, Consulting Group Europe à Zurich: conseiller de Union Carbide lors de la situation de Bhopal ainsi que co-conseil de Marc Rich lors de son arrivée en Suisse.1982 – 1984 Associé de Klaus Stöhlker, Zurich: co-direction de son agence de relations publiques et conseiller de clients suisses.1980 – 1982 Assistant de Maître Dr. Hans W. Kopp, Zurich: coordination de son étude d’avocats. Rédaction du MGK – Medien Gesamt Konzept pour le Conseil Fédéral Suisse.
Ecoles et formations
1992 – 2000 Etats-Unis, Palm Beach: études d’astrologie et de sciences ésotériques
1981 – 1982 Ecoles militaires, officier de renseignement de l’Armée Suisse
1978 – 1980 Université de Zurich: études de droit et de sciences politiques
1971 – 1978 Gymnase Zurich-Freudenberg: maturité B
Langues et connaissances en informatique
Allemand première langue maternelle
Français deuxième langue maternelle
Anglais excellente maîtrise
Ordinateur MS Office 2004
bonnes connaissances en HTML
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Opinions de clients